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Be more productive—together.

Zapier for Teams gives everyone the power to automate their day-to-day tasks so they can focus on what’s important.

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A Better Way for Teams to Automate.

Share access to workflows with no limits on the workflows you can create.

Shared Folders

Shared Folders New

Collaborate and share access to Zaps with your entire team so they can work together on the workflows that power your business.

Unlimited Zaps

Unlimited Zaps

Create 10 or create 1,000—we’re giving you the freedom to automate the tasks that make your business run at its best.

Shared Connections

Shared Connections New

Connect your team’s favorite tools, like Trello, Dropbox, or Typeform, so everyone can use them in their workflows.

One Team, One Invoice

One Team, One Invoice

Zapier for Teams uses shared billing to pool together all of your team’s workflow usage onto a single invoice rather than paying for accounts, individually.

Enterprise-Ready Security

Enterprise-Ready Security

Zapier encrypts all information sent to or from your account and offers two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

Shared folders are now available in Zapier for Teams so you can collaborate with teammates. Check out the announcement or read our FAQs for all the details.

Support for Over 3,000+ Apps

We connect with the apps and tools your team already uses to get stuff done. No need to switch tools or learn new software. Explore our App Library.

Zapier’s Most Powerful Features

Give your whole team automation superpowers. With a team account, each team member gets all our premium features and their own private workspace.

Multi-Step Zaps

Multi-Step Zaps

Create powerful workflows with as many steps as you want—and without any code. Let Zapier do more so you can work less! Learn more.

Fresh data every minute

Fresh data every minute

Run Zaps at our top speeds. Your workflows will check for new information every minute, instead of the standard 15.

Autoreplay Tasks

Autoreplay Tasks

Protect yourself against app outages. Autoreplay prevents lost information by intelligently retrying Tasks that get skipped due to downtime with a connected app or tool. Learn more.

Connect With Every Integration

Connect With Every Integration

Connect with any app in our library—even the Premium ones. With your Zapier for Teams account, your team can connect to any of our 3,000+ apps. See our premium apps.

Share Zaps With Your Team

Share and collaborate on workflows with your teammates. Shared folders let your team access Zaps so everyone can view and update the workflows that power your business.

Screenshot of shared folders interface

Bring Your Existing Zaps

Already using Zapier? Keep the workflows you rely on by easily moving some or all of your Zaps to your team. Teammates new to Zapier get the added benefit of a private Zapier account as well, at no extra cost.

Screenshot of Zap mover interface Moving zaps is pretty cool, too

Manage Your Team

Team settings let you invite, monitor, and manage your team. Zapier for Teams makes it easy to invite your teammates so you can collaborate together.

Screenshot of team management interface Managing teammates is nifty